Guillermo Aymerich has developed his artistic production which is closely tied to his various experiences in different countries that he has lived in and visited for any given period of time throughout his life. After a stay in New York in 1994, Aymerich began to create series of paintings and photographs that were specifically thought up in relation to certain places and he presents them as such on his website.

Since 2007, Americh has spent long periods of time in Beijing, so China represents a key part of his artistic productions.

Bā yīn 八音 8 sounds is a research and creation project halfway between painting and music from that gives rise to the emergence of different works in various formats. The project aims at creating sound paintings that are the result of research on the relationship between painting and music in the context of ancient Chinese philosophy. Thus, the project draws on ancient Chinese tradition and philosophy for the creation of contemporary artistic expressions. (See full description of the project).