ABOUT THE PROJECT China cult[ura].es[paña]

Chinacult.es is a database aimed at identify, select and classify cultural production and artistic works undertaken in the background of the connections and synergies between China and Spain, from the begging of the XX century until now. The database is a project of Interasia Research Group (UAB) that focuses on the intercultural processes and the impact of East Asia in the Spanish artistic and creative spheres.

Art creation, cultural representation and China – Spain mobility.

The projects’ methodological approach aims to overcome those distinctions and boundaries based on ethnic variables and exclusive geographic locations as a way to limit the scope of the research. The first criterion of selection is based on mobility, understood as a socio-cultural variable. Hence, the database includes artistic works undertaken both by Chinese and Spanish people, which are produced in a context of mobility between the two countries. However, artists based in Spain and who have never moved to Chin, have also approximated and reflect on China in their works. Therefore, next to the works that reflect the mobility between the two countries, the database also includes those cultural production created in Spain that – for its links with China – contribute to create, question, contest and/or reflect on a given socio-cultural imaginary.

The database is also aimed at resituate the relevance of artistic works as cultural products framed to the socio-cultural context where they are created (produced) and received (consumed). Hence, an object-centered perspective and the materialization of intercultural connections between China and Spain – with all their possible variability- inspires the project.

The artistic works included are grouped into the following categories: visual arts, audiovisuals, photography, music, literature and theater. Moreover, two more categories are included to highlight the sociological dimensions of cultural productions due to formal intuitions: the rubric of “Production” and “Exhibitions” include those associations, companies, activities and exhibitions, which are intimately linked with the artistic and cultural synergies between China and Spain.

Funding and colaboration

Fundación Instituto Confucio de Barcelona and Confucius Institute Headquarters (Funding for activities 2015).

Research projects of Spanish Government:

Proyectos I + D del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

  • FFI2011-29090, “El impacto de Asia Oriental en el contexto español: Producción cultural, política(s) y sociedad” (2012-2015).
  • FFI2015-70513, “Asia Oriental: Paradigmas emergentes, política(s), dinámicas socioculturales y sus consecuencias” (2016-2018).

AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya. Grupo de Investigación Reconocido y Financiado

  • 2014 SGR 1402 “InterÀsia i el nou sistema internacional: Societat, política i cultura” (2014-2016)