«Asia belongs to us» es el título de la exposición colectiva de Riiko Sakkinen – artista finés que reside en España – y Judas Arrieta. En la muestra, los dos artístas reflexionan sobre la posición y representación de China a nivel global. Para hacerlo, la exposición contó también con obras de Cao Huan Yi.

La muestra se sustenta – a nivel teórico – en conceptos como el de la «sinoesfera» y la historia política y del pensamiento tradicional de la China antigua.

«Asia Belongs to Us explores Sinospehere, also known as the Chinese World or East Asian Cultural Sphere, and it’s political, economic and cultural influence in the rest of the world. The economic supremacy of Sinospehere is inevitable but a more interesting question is that will it conquer the world also culturally? Does the economy alone provide enough substance for the domination?
In classical Chinese political thought, the Emperor of China, having received the mandate of heaven, would nominally be the ruler of the entire world – Tianxia. Although in practice there would be areas of the known world which were not under the control of the Emperor, the political rulers of those areas derived their power from the Emperor. Is the culture – both high and low – one of these areas? The exhibition focuses in popular culture, consumerism, advertising and the colonialism of the past and the present. The visual sources of the paintings include: Super Girl, Chengdu Blades, You Milk, Songukon, Red Bean Chocolate Flavor, dragons, pandas, chocolate mushrooms, Sicilian snacks, Inner Mongolian Bibimbambis, landscapes, mushrooms, White Rabbit, Taiwan Chocoball, Fuqi Feihan Pizza and Golden Monkey Milk Candy». (Fuente: MA Studio).