Compañia: Teatre invisible

Moisès Maicas stages a text from German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig. The play is set in a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant and narrates the misadventures of an undocumented Chinese immigrant. The author both proposes and questions power struggles through both his critique of the use of the Orient within European societies, as well as by proposing a change in the interpretation of genders (men play women’s roles and vice versa).

Although the protagonist of the screenplay is a Chinese migrant, unlike other theatrical works such as that of El Señor Ye ama a los Dragones (The man who loves Dragons), “El drac d’or” (The Golden Dragon) does not use any Chinese actors. All Chinese characters are played by Catalan actors and actresses.

Reference: El drac d’or de Roland Schimmelpfenning a l’Akadèmia, Núvol, L’apuntador. 12-2-2014. []