Marcel Borràs and Nao Albet are back with a version of a puppet show written by Jaume Piquet that appeared for the first time in 1886. This updated interpretation is told with a Barcelona in the 21st century twist, introducing oriental elements which in many cases are inspired by references that Euro-American pop culture has used to represent the “far east” (Fu Manchu, etc.) or by Japanese cartoon characters that were popular in Catalonia during the 1990s (Dragon Ball).

Shang-Yea, who plays the central role of the nun, is the star of the show. She plays her part in Chinese, but there are subtitles in Catalan for the audience.

Reference: Article originally titled “Nao Albet y Marcel Borràs revisitan el género del ‘Grand Guignol’ con ‘La monja enterrada en vida'” (Nao Albet and Marcel Borrás revisit the genre of ‘Grand Guignol’ with ‘The nun that was buried alive’), La Vanguardia, 1-3-2012.